Top 5 Southern French Expressions

Your holidays on the French Riviera have been booked, but you don’t speak Provencal? We have listed the 5 most popular expressions of the French Riviera to become a real southerner.



the typical expressions of the region 

and become a true southerner !

Top 5 expressions of the Nice dialect

These expressions come from the dialect spoken in Nice.

Issa Nissa remains the most frequent, especially during football matches at the Allianz Riviera, the city’s famous stadium. For example, you often hear: “Issa Nissa! Issa Nissa! Issa Nissa! Nissa means, as you can imagine, go Nice ”.

Ficanas or Ficanasser describes curious people who like to peddle others.

Dégun is a term to describe a place where there is no one. “There is really dégun! “



Empégué is an adjective to refer to someone who has consumed a little too much alcohol.

Niocou A nice and funny word to designate a naive person.

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