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Medical Sport Center

At the heart of the Mouratoglou Country Club, the medical-sports center enjoys exceptional infrastructure and is equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities.

Our multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals is dedicated to your well-being and physical recovery.

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Medical-Sports Fitness Center

The Mouratoglou Resort is a unique sports complex on the French Riviera, combining luxury accommodation with renowned sports facilities. It welcomes some of the best athletes globally each year, as well as individuals looking to improve their skills or simply enjoy a unique setting by the Mediterranean. To enhance your well-being experience or actively aid in recovery, the resort has its own medical center located at the heart of the Country Club. Here, a multidisciplinary team offers physiotherapy, cryotherapy, balneotherapy, osteopathy, as well as specialized support for athletes. The medical center is also open to external clients, whether they are sports enthusiasts or not. Needless to say, individuals at our fitness center in Sophia Antipolis can take advantage of exceptional facilities and the expertise of our professionals. With state-of-the-art equipment and the intervention of the medical team, a visit to the fitness center is an essential experience. Whether you are an athlete or not, you are welcome to book with our specialized team.

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Our services at our sport medical center

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Designed for the performance and physical recovery of athletes, the fitness center in Sophia-Antipolis boasts high-end equipment and experienced medical personnel. With physiotherapists accustomed to supporting athletes and thus capable of understanding various issues caused by injuries—or simply as a preventive measure—you prioritize your body. The same goes for osteopaths, accustomed to correcting most of the poor habits and postures adopted by your body.

Cryotherapy and balneotherapy should allow you to take care of your body after a sporting effort or as part of physical preparation. Don't hesitate any longer and schedule an appointment at the medical-sports fitness center of the Mouratoglou Resort, near Sophia-Antipolis.

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lo • 2023-10-28

Mouratoglou - Gestion des avis clients

Very pleasant setting, very wooded, very quiet. The rooms are large and comfortable. Access to the Spa is a real plus. Top-of-the-range breakfast. In short, a real getaway for a weekend, even for those who aren't tennis men or women.

lilli_schramm • 2023-12-12

Mouratoglou - Gestion des avis clients

The establishment is spacious and well-maintained, with courteous and helpful staff. The tennis facilities are exceptional, and the spa was a nice place to relax after a long day.

Overall, a comfortable and convenient stay, ideal for business travelers or tennis enthusiasts.

parvati_menon • 2023-10-19

Mouratoglou - Gestion des avis clients

Excellent experience at the tennis academy. The staff were really friendly, the gardens are very beautiful. Dinner at the restaurant was always excellent.

stephanie_Guibs • 2023-09-18

Mouratoglou - Gestion des avis clients

We stayed at this hotel for one night and everything was perfect, from the room to the evening meal and breakfast.
We enjoyed the SPA and had a massage with Fiona and Clorina; it was incredible!
Thanks again

chami_dina • 2023-08-30

Mouratoglou - Gestion des avis clients

Our stay at the hotel was a pure pleasure. Food, room, activities everything was at our disposal. I was also able to enjoy the spa experience, which was very good, and I'd like to congratulate Ceorina on her magnificent massage. Thanks again for everything.

Anaïs_Delage • 2023-08-27

Mouratoglou - Gestion des avis clients

We had an excellent stay, very relaxing and very pleasant at this time of year because it's not very busy. The breakfast is one of the best we've tried.
We also enjoyed the spa, thank you for your welcome, and a duo massage with Emma and Alexandre, thank you for

marc_delemotte • 2023-09-23

Mouratoglou - Gestion des avis clients

Located in a bucolic setting, this complex offers a multitude of fitness activities in a very large space. For my part, I used the hotel, restaurant, spa and pools.
Rooms and breakfast are excellent value for money, especially for this region. The food is decent, with very good service. I