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Take advantage of our numerous indoor and outdoor spaces within the Mouratoglou Hotel & Resort to host your seminar on the French Riviera, near Cannes and Antibes.



In April 2018 & 2019, through DPB Agency, we organized Easy Parapharmacie's annual "Social Beauty Awards" seminar, bringing together 30 beauty influencers and 20 laboratories. Over the three-day seminar, we catered to all their needs.

From VIP accommodation, concierge services, catering, cocktails, Gala night, meeting rooms, events in our outdoor spaces, spa privatization, to various activities related to the theme of their event, we ensured a comprehensive and successful experience.




I would like to express my full satisfaction in sharing and organizing our event at the heart of your establishment. I commend the professionalism, calm, and patience of your teams. It was a pleasure and a great fortune for me to be surrounded by such caring and professional people, always eager to meet our requests, for the 2nd consecutive year. A big thank you to everyone.


Sophie R, Director DPB Agency

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