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How to stay fit and active on vacation at Mouratoglou Hotel & Resort?

At Mouratoglou Hotel & Resort on the French Riviera, you can enjoy a vacation that combines relaxation with fitness. Whether lounging by the pool or staying active, our amenities cater to both leisure and health, ensuring a fulfilling stay whether you're on a family holiday or a romantic getaway.


Our 10 best pieces of advice for sports holidays

How to stay fit and active on vacation at Mouratoglou Hotel & Resort?

1. Plan active outings:

Enhance your sightseeing adventures by incorporating physical activities into your itinerary. Explore the local terrain through invigorating hikes, scenic bike rides, or refreshing jogs. With its breathtaking landscapes, the French Riviera provides an ideal backdrop for outdoor pursuits. 

Traverse rugged trails, pedal along coastal paths, or meander through charming villages—all while immersing yourself in the region's natural beauty. Integrating physical activities into your sightseeing not only adds an element of adventure but also allows for a deeper connection with the captivating landscapes of the Riviera.

How to stay fit and active on vacation at Mouratoglou Hotel & Resort?

2. Join group fitness classes: 

Join our group fitness classes for a dynamic way to stay active and socialize. Whether you prefer the tranquility of yoga or the exhilaration of high-energy cardio workouts, our diverse classes cater to all fitness levels and interests. 

Engage in invigorating sessions while forging connections with like-minded individuals. Embrace the camaraderie as you work towards your fitness goals together, fostering a supportive and motivating environment. Our group fitness classes offer not only physical benefits but also the opportunity to cultivate new friendships and enrich your overall well-being.

How to stay fit and active on vacation at Mouratoglou Hotel & Resort?

3. Make use of our hotel with gym: 

A well-appointed gym is a fundamental feature of any sports-oriented hotel. Even dedicating a brief 30-minute session to exercise each day can significantly contribute to maintaining your fitness levels. With our state-of-the-art facilities, you can engage in a variety of workouts tailored to your preferences and objectives. 

Whether you're aiming for a cardiovascular boost, strength training, or flexibility enhancement, our gym provides the tools and equipment to support your fitness journey. Make the most of your stay by incorporating regular workouts into your routine, ensuring that you remain active and energized throughout your time with us.

How to stay fit and active on vacation at Mouratoglou Hotel & Resort?

4. Don’t forget to relax in our hotel with spa

Resting during a vacation is crucial for several reasons. It allows your body to recover from the physical strain of traveling and exploring. Adequate rest ensures you have the energy to enjoy your activities and prevents burnout. Resting also reduces stress and improves mental well-being, making your vacation more rejuvenating. It lets you relax, reflect, and appreciate your surroundings. Finally, rest boosts your immune system, which can be compromised due to changes in routine, climate, and exposure. Incorporating rest ensures a balanced, fulfilling, and memorable experience.

At the Mouratoglou Hotel, choosing a treatment at the Cinq Mondes spa offers well-being combining ancient traditions and innovation. For relaxation, beauty, or wellness therapy, the spa meets all your needs with excellence and care. Indulge in this unique experience and transform your daily life.

How to stay fit and active on vacation at Mouratoglou Hotel & Resort?

5. Tennis Academy

As a leading tennis academy, we pride ourselves on providing top-tier facilities and expert coaching services. Whether you're just starting out or seeking to elevate your game to the next level, our team of professional coaches is dedicated to helping you achieve your tennis goals

Engage in our tennis camps for a comprehensive training experience or opt for private lessons tailored to your specific needs and aspirations. Regardless of your skill level, our academy offers a supportive and dynamic environment where you can stay active and hone your skills effectively. Elevate your tennis game with us and unlock your full potential on the court.

How to stay fit and active on vacation at Mouratoglou Hotel & Resort?

6. Opt for healthy meals: 

Indulge in the delectable offerings of the local cuisine while making mindful choices. The French Riviera boasts a renowned Mediterranean diet, celebrated for its emphasis on fresh, wholesome ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and healthy fats. 

Savor the vibrant flavors of seasonal products and succulent seafood, embracing the nourishing qualities of this culinary tradition. Whether dining at seaside cafes or upscale restaurants, prioritize balance and moderation, opting for dishes that align with your health goals. At "L'Emblème" in the Mouratoglou Hotel & Resort, discover a refined dining experience that perfectly encapsulates this healthy, vibrant culinary ethos.

How to stay fit and active on vacation at Mouratoglou Hotel & Resort?

7.Hotel with swimming pool

Indulge in our resort's array of swimming pools, including an Olympic-sized pool, for a refreshing and invigorating aquatic experience. Swimming is not only a delightful way to stay cool and unwind but also an excellent form of exercise that provides a full-body workout while being gentle on the joints. 

Dive into the serene waters and glide through the pool, engaging multiple muscle groups and improving cardiovascular health with each stroke. Whether you're seeking a leisurely swim or an intense training session, our pools offer the perfect environment to stay fit and active during your stay. So, take a plunge and embrace the rejuvenating benefits of swimming at our resort.

How to stay fit and active on vacation at Mouratoglou Hotel & Resort?

8. Walk whenever possible: 

Opt for walking instead of taxis or buses when exploring the French Riviera. Walking not only serves as a fantastic low-impact exercise but also provides the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the region's stunning beauty. 

Meander along picturesque promenades, wander through charming streets, and stroll along coastal paths, allowing each step to unveil the captivating allure of the Riviera. By embracing walking as your mode of transportation, you not only engage in physical activity but also create unforgettable moments of discovery and appreciation for the breathtaking landscapes that characterize this enchanting destination.

How to stay fit and active on vacation at Mouratoglou Hotel & Resort?

9.Hotel with Kids Club

Rest assured that our Kids Club is dedicated to ensuring the youngest members of your family remain engaged and active throughout their stay with us. Boasting a plethora of games, sports, and creative activities, we provide a vibrant and dynamic environment where children can unleash their energy and imagination

From interactive games to outdoor sports and artistic endeavors, our Kids Club offers a diverse range of options tailored to suit every child's interests and preferences. Led by our experienced and enthusiastic staff, your little ones will embark on exciting adventures and make new friends while staying entertained and energized. Let us create unforgettable memories for your children as they enjoy enriching experiences at our Kids Club.

How to stay fit and active on vacation at Mouratoglou Hotel & Resort?

10. Stay active with family-friendly activities: 

When embarking on a family holiday, opt for activities that cater to everyone's enjoyment and participation. Choose from a diverse range of options such as beach volleyball, cycling tours, or even scenic hikes, ensuring that each member of the family remains active and engaged. 

Whether it's building sandcastles on the beach, exploring quaint villages by bike, or embarking on nature walks, prioritize activities that promote bonding and shared experiences. By keeping everyone moving and involved, you not only foster a sense of togetherness but also create lasting memories that will be cherished for years to come. So, embrace the spirit of adventure and exploration as a family, and make the most of your time together on the French Riviera.

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