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Why is the French Riviera the perfect vacation spot for families?

Enjoy unforgettable family holidays at Mouratoglou Hotel & Resort, where relaxation and sports activities blend to create exceptional moments for the whole family.

Why is the French Riviera the perfect vacation spot for families?

Hotel with Kids Club for a family vacation

Open during the vibrant summer months, the Mouratoglou Hotel & Resort warmly welcomes young guests aged 4 to 10 to its Kids Club. Managed by professional animators, this club offers a perfect mix of entertainment and learning, with a variety of programs tailored to spark creativity and enthusiasm in every child:

  • Culinary Lessons: Our esteemed Pastry Chef conducts cooking classes that are not only fun but also educational, teaching children the joy of creating and tasting their own dishes.
  • Sports Introduction: Children get to learn and engage in various sports, which helps in building their teamwork and physical coordination skills.
  • Creative Play: The club includes a newly constructed outdoor park designed specifically for safe and stimulating play, where children can enjoy role-playing games and various creative activities.
  • Educational Activities: These are designed to promote cognitive development and social skills in a fun, interactive environment.
Why is the French Riviera the perfect vacation spot for families?

How can families enjoy our hotel with family rooms?

The Mouratoglou Hotel & Resort, ideally situated on the stunning French Riviera, features 153 elegantly designed rooms and suites, crafted to ensure maximum comfort for family stays. Each room and suite offers a spacious, well-lit environment that is perfect for families, equipped with King-size beds, sophisticated living areas, and bathrooms adorned with exquisite marble detailing. 

Select accommodations also include a sofa bed and can accommodate an additional child's bed for guests under 12 years of age. These rooms are capable of hosting up to three adults or two adults and two children comfortably, providing a refined and intimate experience that reflects the illustrious tennis legacy of the Mouratoglou Academy. Guests are encouraged to enhance their mornings by opting for our specially curated breakfast package, designed to kickstart a day of exploration or relaxation.

Why is the French Riviera the perfect vacation spot for families?

What Family-Friendly attractions are near the French Riviera?

The French Riviera offers a plethora of activities that cater to all ages, making it an ideal spot for families. The region boasts stunning natural landscapes, from the soft sandy beaches of Nice to the rugged cliffs of Eze. Families can enjoy numerous outdoor activities such as snorkeling in the clear Mediterranean waters, hiking in the Mercantour National Park, or simply relaxing on the beaches.

Cultural attractions are also plentiful. Towns like Cannes and Saint-Tropez are not only about glitz; they offer historical explorations through old quarters and museums. For instance, the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco provides an educational yet thrilling experience for children with its extensive marine life exhibitions.

Why is the French Riviera the perfect vacation spot for families?

Enjoy the sunshine of the French Riviera in a hotel featuring a tennis-racket shaped pool

Experience the unique aquatic pleasures under the generous sun of the French Riviera, where the sky is clear about 320 days a year. At the Mouratoglou Hotel & Resort, we offer you first-class aquatic facilities, including an indoor pool for rare cloudy days and an impressive outdoor pool suited to all your family's swimming desires. The tennis-racket-shaped pool, the emblem of the resort, captures the essence of our hotel and provides an ideal setting for families to relax and indulge in the joys of water. 

Nearby, the Pool Bar is the perfect spot for parents to enjoy refreshing drinks while watching their children play under the warm Mediterranean sun. For those families seeking tranquility, our Arlequin pool, located on the opposite side of the hotel, offers a haven of peace amid lush gardens. Situated near the terrace of the restaurant L'Emblème, this tranquil pool is the ideal place for families to unwind and escape from everyday hustle and bustle.

Why is the French Riviera the perfect vacation spot for families?

What makes dining at L'Emblème Restaurant a family delight?

The Mouratoglou Hotel & Resort proudly hosts L'Emblème, a family-friendly restaurant inspired by the vibrant world of tennis. Conveniently situated at the heart of the hotel, L'Emblème offers a warm and welcoming space for family meals. Open for lunch from 12 PM to 2 PM and for dinner from 7 PM to 9:30 PM, the restaurant serves a menu rich in bold flavors and crafted with fresh, seasonal ingredients, perfect for pleasing both young palates and sophisticated tastes.

In addition to its cozy indoor seating, L'Emblème boasts a sunny outdoor terrace, ideal for family dining al fresco. Located near the hotel's iconic racket-shaped pool, the terrace offers a relaxed setting where families can enjoy their meals while soaking in the Mediterranean sun and scenic views.


Why is the French Riviera the perfect vacation spot for families?

Escape to the Spa: Relaxation at Mouratoglou Hotel & Resort

Welcome to a world of tranquility at the Cinq-Mondes SPA, nestled within the Mouratoglou Hotel & Resort. This expansive 700m² spa is thoughtfully designed to cater to the relaxation needs of both adults and families.

After an exhilarating day of tennis or enjoying the many activities, the resort has to offer, families can unwind with a selection of personalized spa treatments. The spa offers gentle, kid-friendly treatments that both parents and children can enjoy together, creating a shared experience of relaxation. The soothing warmth of our hammam offers a cozy retreat, while the breathtaking views from our panoramic terrace provide a serene backdrop for family relaxation.

Our tea bar is a peaceful haven where families can gather to enjoy a calming beverage in a tranquil setting. The spa facilities are specifically tailored to accommodate adults seeking tranquility and children in search of gentle, calming activities, ensuring a peaceful yet engaging experience for all ages.

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