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What to do in Antibes?

Antibes, set on the sun-drenched French Riviera, combines modern amenities with historic charm, offering everything from art galleries and historic sites to stunning beaches and vibrant dining near the prestigious Mouratoglou Resort—perfect for families and athletes alike.

What to do in Antibes?

A walk-through history: the cultural and scenic highlights of Antibes

Dive into the rich history and vibrant culture of Antibes’ Old Town, where narrow, cobblestone streets and bustling marketplaces paint a lively tableau of the town's past and present. 

Home to charming shops, cozy cafés, and the famed Marché Provençal, the Old Town offers an array of local products from freshly cut flowers to handcrafted soaps and olive oils, making it ideal for leisurely strolls and family outings.

Not far from here, Fort Carré stands majestically atop a hill, its 16th-century walls offering a window into Antibes’ strategic military importance along with panoramic views of the area. 

For those seeking to explore the natural beauty of the region, the Sentier du Littoral or Coastal Path stretches along the Mediterranean, weaving through the rugged landscape of Cap d'Antibes. This trail is adorned with opulent villas and lush gardens, offering hikers stunning vistas and peaceful retreats to appreciate the scenic splendor of the Riviera.

What to do in Antibes?

Sea, sand, and sun in Antibes

Antibes boasts some of the finest beaches on the Riviera, with Plage de la Salis and Plage de Ponteil especially popular among families for their soft sands and gentle waves, providing a safe and delightful environment for children and adults alike to relax or engage in seaside games. 

Beyond the shores, adventure seekers can delve into snorkeling and paddleboarding to explore the colorful marine life beneath the coastal waters. Additionally, Antibes serves as a sanctuary for water sports enthusiasts, offering a variety of activities like windsurfing, sailing, and kayaking. 

The calm Mediterranean Sea paired with well-equipped facilities caters to both novices looking to acquire new skills and seasoned athletes aiming to refine their techniques, making it an ideal destination for dynamic water-based adventures that the whole family can enjoy.

What to do in Antibes?

A taste of Antibes: seafood, markets, and Michelin stars

Antibes' vibrant gastronomic scene mirrors its Mediterranean setting, boasting an abundance of seafood and local specialties that promise delight for every palate. Whether savoring a bouillabaisse or ratatouille at a waterfront restaurant where the scenery competes with the cuisine or exploring a variety of dining options from casual bites to high-end gastronomy, each meal in Antibes is a unique culinary journey.

The town's markets also offer a feast for the senses, where visitors can find everything from fresh olives and cheeses to hand-made pastries and local wines, perfect for a picnic by the sea. For those with a taste for the finer things, several Michelin-starred restaurants offer meticulously crafted dishes that showcase the best of French Riviera flavors.

What to do in Antibes?

Discover the vibrant nightlife of Antibes:

As night falls, Antibes comes alive with a spectrum of evening entertainment. The city buzzes with chic bars and pulsating clubs, along with family-friendly festivals, ensuring that the nighttime excitement is as exhilarating as the daytime charm. The nightlife in Antibes caters to all tastes, from intimate jazz cafes where live music fills the air, to bustling beachfront lounges that offer spectacular views of the Mediterranean under starlit skies.

Visitors can dance the night away at trendy nightclubs or enjoy a more laid-back evening at one of the many wine bars that feature an impressive selection of local and international wines. Additionally, the town often hosts outdoor concerts and cultural events in its historic squares, providing entertainment that captures the unique spirit of the French Riviera.

What to do in Antibes?

Experience tennis, golf, and relaxation at Mouratoglou Resort

Mouratoglou Resort stands out as a unique Antibes destination for sports and leisure enthusiasts. With its advanced tennis and golf facilities, the resort is ideal for novice and expert players alike who want to work on their game or just have fun in a beautiful setting.

In addition to sports, Mouratoglou Resort offers a calm haven with luxurious accommodation and a range of family-friendly activities. It is the perfect place for rejuvenation and relaxation among the charm of the French Riviera. Guests can rest in the resort's extensive sports complex or in the elegantly appointed areas after a day of seeing Antibes or participating in sporting activities.

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