Fun & Sporty team-building

Our 12-hectare resort will give you a life-sized playground to run around in!


Fun & Sporty team building

12 hectares resort for your activities

Olympic games, soapbox, rally…

Fun and sporty team-building

Fun and sporty team-building

Invite your colleagues to events they will remember long after! With our partners, Boule d’Énergie, Ekypage, and Esterel Aventures, we can organise all kinds of events at our resort to bring your teams closer together. We have a long list of potential partners, so we can create any kind of even you want with the partner of your choice.

Olympic games

Participants will divide into teams and go through different activities based on different themes: French culture, film, adventure, environment, indoor, etc.

Soapbox racing

Soapbox racing is an open competition that runs on creativity and team spirit. This unique, motorless race challenges experienced drivers and amateurs alike to build and decorate eccentric, human-powered Soapbox racers!

Rally racing

Join a thrilling rally race in a Citroën Méhari, 2CV, or classic car, where drivers take these iconic vehicles through various villages in the back country.