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Led light therapy

Discover the MEDISOL® by Deleo lamp.

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MEDISOL® lamp 

What is LED light therapy?

The MEDISOL® by Deleo lamp emits in the red and infrared (630nm-850nm), close to the absorption of cytochrome, and is best suited to the production of neocollagen by photobiomodulation.

The Medisol® LED from the French Deleo laboratory has remarkable effects on tissue repair processes: scars, stretch marks, inflammatory acne, burns, sunburn, the aftermath of laser treatments or peels, stimulation of hair regrowth... It is also used to moisturize the skin, improve texture, treat fine lines and act on skin slackening, alone or combined with other aesthetic medicine techniques.

Mouratoglou - Le Mouratoglou Resort



Mild to moderate inflammatory acne

Eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions defined as actinic keratosis, Bowen's disease (epidermal carcinoma), superficial basal cell carcinoma, vitiligo, scarring and alopecia. 

Skin rejuvenation and aging,


Hair loss

Stretch marks and scars


Mouratoglou - Le Mouratoglou Resort


Protocol & Results

An LED phototherapy session lasts from 10 to 20 minutes. The skin is cleansed and the eyes are protected by goggles or eye shields. The light is applied just a few centimetres from the skin of the area to be treated. The session is totally painless, there is no heat felt with this cold light, and there are no side effects.

The number and frequency of sessions depend on the indication: one or two per week and 5 to 12 sessions (8 on average). A maintenance treatment once a month may be necessary in certain indications, to ensure that results last as long as possible.


Autoimmune diseases

Wearing a pacemaker

Pregnancy, breast-feeding

Taking photo-sensitizing treatments (e.g. certain antibiotics of the tetracycline or quinolone family, or certain anti-inflammatory drugs)

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