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Mouratoglou Hotel & Resort

Sports Conditioning

Take advantage of the facilities at the Mouratoglou Hotel & Resort for your preseason preparations, thanks to our most sports-oriented resort on the French Riviera.

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Mouratoglou - Le Mouratoglou Resort

Sports Training

Sport conditioning
High-End Facilities

Take advantage of the mild climate of the French Riviera and our strategic position between land and sea to gather your players. The Mouratoglou Hotel & Resort is the ideal place to prepare your team for the upcoming sports season with its various facilities. Our 4-star hotel with 155 rooms, 2 pools, a restaurant, a spa, and its gardens is a true haven of relaxation in the heart of a green oasis. Our proximity to the Mouratoglou Academy, which hosts professional tennis players every year for their care and sports preparations, offers state-of-the-art technologies. The on-site medical center provides follow-up care in physiotherapy, nutrition, physiotherapy, as well as in sports recovery after intensive training sessions.

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