Top 10 Culinary Specialties Of The Alpes-Maritimes Region

Discover the typical dishes of the city of Nice and its surroundings: specialties that could not be tastier.



the most delicious recipes 

of the French Riviera ! 

Our 10 Best Specialties from of the French Riviera

Nice attracts millions of tourists each year thanks to its history and its cuisine. Niçoise cuisine is above all traditional and the Mediterranean cuisine is reminiscent of the flavors of Provence and the excellence of Italy.

Did you know? That the Cuisine Nissarde appellation can only be found in restaurants that promote Nice cuisine. The “Cuisine Nissarde” label is a guarantee of high quality products but also a guarantee of a warm and familiar welcome.

The Socca: Is a large thin pancake made from chickpea flour, the socca is baked. It tastes better when it is hot!

The Pissaladière: Culinary specialty from Nice, it is bread dough with onions, olives and anchovies on it. To be enjoyed as a starter or as an aperitif.

The Petits Farcis: Small vegetables stuffed with a mixture of meat, this is a real symbol of the region’s cuisine.

The Niçoise Salad: One of the most famous dishes of Niçoise cuisine, the typical Niçoise salad consists of lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, red onions, scallions, beans, cucumbers, hard-boiled eggs, tuna, olive oil and olives.

The Niçoise salad is also part of the menu of our Emblème Restaurant.

The Daube Niçoise: Like a “classic” stew, the Daube Niçoise is prepared with porcini mushrooms.

Zucchini Flower Fritters: Picked directly from zucchini plants, or bought on the markets of Nice, the zucchini flowers are fried after being rolled up in a donut dough.

The Tourte à La Blette: Chard is a main ingredient in Nice cuisine, so it is not rare to find chard meatballs or omelets with chard. The chard pie is rather sweet, however it will still seduce your taste buds!

The Coca: For the lovers of sweet flavors, The coca will make you think of a pastry. However be careful, you will not have the expected taste, because your taste buds will taste a turnover stuffed with ratatouille.

La Poche de Veau: Quit or love it. This stuffed veal stomach slice is a mix of pine nuts, peas, rice and vegetables, locals either love it or hate it.

Nice Olives: Don’t expect simple olives, Nice Olives are PDO olives, black or green, harvested from cailletiers (particular olive trees).

Between Provence and Italy, traditional Nice cuisine can be enjoyed with friends or family. As you walk along the unmissable and charming Cours Saleya, you will find a few restaurants offering  Nice traditional plates to takeaway.

In order to share a moment around a table, our chef Gabriel Degenne offers delicious and daring plates every day. Try homemade dishes made with seasonal products exclusively from local productions, for a journey to the heart of French terroirs and Mediterranean culture with countless flavors.