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Welcome to Mouratoglou Hotel & Resort, an exceptional location on the French Riviera that has everything you need to enjoy the vacation of your dreams, whether that means plenty of activity, or plenty of relaxation. Come discover the four-star services that will provide you with a rejuvenating stay in the heart of the French Riviera.

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Sporty & well-respected resort

Mouratoglou Hotel & Resort has everything you need to enjoy the vacation of your dreams. You can join a wide range of sport and exercise activities, visit the luxurious 700m2 spa, dangle your feet in one of our outdoor pools, or simply enjoy a delicious meal in the comfort of your room. There are many different services available to make your stay more personal and rejuvenating. 

The resort is located in the Sophia Antipolis technopark near Antibes, 15km from the Nice airport. There is an adjacent 13-hectare park that provides you with the quiet you deserve, all just a few minutes from the most beautiful landscapes of the French Riviera.

What to do on the French Riviera?

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